The Microcare Maximum Power Point Tracker Regulator is designed to interface between the solar panel, the batteries and the load. The tracker will always find the optimum power point of the solar panel system to ensure that maximum power is extracted from the solar panel and put into the batteries. Using this system up to 30% more power can be extracted from the solar panel than using shunt or series pass regulators. The Microcare MPPT Regulator is also able to charge batteries of a lower voltage than the solar panel. By means of LED it will show the status of the system. It also incorporates various charge modes which will automatically increase the charge level to the batteries when first starting up or if the battery voltage falls below the minimum volts.

Automatically measures the battery voltage and then sets up the charge parameters (12 or 24V)

Operates the Solar Panels at the maximum efficiency

Can improve power extracted from the solar panels by 30% over normal shunt/series pass regulators

LED Display

Temperature controlled Cooling Fan

Selectable low voltage disconnect

24 hour load shed or Street Light mode

Maximum Panel Size 12V: 240W PV Max

Maximum Panel Size 24V: 480W PV Max

Microcare 20A LED MPPT




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