SMA Sunny Island 8.0H

Pure Sine Wave Charger Inverter

Input 48V - Max Output 8000W - Max Charge 115A

A New Class of Sunny Island - simple. robust. flexible.

Sunny Island 6.0H and 8.0H more than just a new name. The Sunny Island lets you know what it can do at a glance: a 30 minute power of 6000 and 8000 watt. How? It takes fluctuations in energy consumption into account better than designs based on nominal power. Why complicate things when simplicity is this good?

The perfect partner If you don't ask, you'll never know. That's what we tell our children. But it's just as true for adults. That's why we asked what you wanted from the ideal off-grid inverter. The answers: It has to be robust ? for global use. It has to be easy to understand ? for simple handling anywhere in the world. And it has to be flexible ? for systemswhich can be customized for the specific requirements.

A dynamic duo Admittedly, it wasn't easy to combine all that in one device. That's why we designed not one, but two new Sunny Island models. The devices are particularly robust and can be used virtually anywhere ? in deserts, rainforests, islands or arctic conditions. Thanks to the sophisticated OptiUse operating concept, they are simple to understand ? for planners, installers and operators. The intelligent OptiPower load and energy management system keeps the stand-alone grid safely on course, even in critical situations. With Sunny Island, you can now design your plant flexibly. The two power classes offer nearly unlimited options for precision plant design. That is why our answer to the search for the ideal partner for reliable and autonomous energy supply is Sunny Island. The all-inclusive package.

Everything At A Glance With OptiUse What makes everything so simple with Sunny Island? Our new OptiUse operating concept makes installation, commissioning and day-to-day use as easy as possible. A cluster, i.e. a system with multiple Sunny Island units, can be configured and operated centrally using the master device. The Quick Configuration Guide helps you complete commissioning in just a few steps. And the automatic rotating field detection function shows possible installation errors immediately.

Intuitive operation All settings can now be made conveniently using the external Sunny Remote Control operating unit. It's child's play with the selfexplanatory menu interface and the rotary switch. Three user levels make it easier to operate the devices: In the USER level, normal users see a clear overview of the most important values in plain text. Advanced operators can use the INSTALLER and EXPERT levels with a detailed display.

Clear and informative The home screen gives you access to the energy flow between the loads, battery and external energy sources. The STATE OF CHARGE display shows you the current battery status like the fuel gauge in an automobile. Our OptiBat battery management system takes care of the sensitive energy storage unit. It controls the most important charging and discharging processes fully automatically, increasing the electrical endurance of the batteries.

SMA Sunny Island 8.0H Pure Sine Wave Charger Inverter




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